Muffle Furnace

Laboratory Muffle Furnace Manufacturer in India

The services that come under the umbrella of heating mantles are Oil Bath Magnetic Stirrer, The Hot plate round rectangular known for its extraordinary performance and best utility, Heating mantle, and the Muffle furnace. The Oil Bath at Labtro is used in different fields like that of a Laboratory of research, Schools and Institutes, Universities, hospitals, and Healthcare sectors for the purpose of heating temperatures. When compared to other heating devices, the oil bath provides uniform heating throughout.

It comes with an in built stirrer system and a PDMC motor that can take up heavy duty. The Hot plate round rectangular comes in two shapes, round and rectangle that have the capacity of 250 degrees temperature, are durable and chemical resistant, and gives a uniform performance. The heating mantle is that equipment used in laboratories as an oil bath alternative for the purpose of applying heat to containers. Labtro's muffle furnace is popular all across the world for the purpose of heating in laboratories and does testing on tensile industries wool, rubbers, and different types of fibbers. All these products are tried and tested and we can guarantee you an assured quality performance.