digital colorimeter & DIGITAL PHOTO COLORIMETER

The Calorimeters manufactured at the Labtronixed INC is popularly known both in India and internationally for its great quality and efficiency, it can be used and accessed easily and has a simplistic design. Labtro Calorimeters are the most reliable, stable, and accurate Bomb Calorimeters manufactured in India, and have served its products all over the world at a very low cost. Labtro calorimeter has a temperature accuracy of 0.001°C and it has the feature of automatically calculating the maximum rise of temperature. In the summary format, you can see the samples of Heat Capacity of the Bomb Calorimeter and the Calorific Value of the samples that have been calculated automatically.

Labtro digital bomb Calorimeter is the best technique for the determination of heat and combustion of fuels. It is a determinant technique for hot values of organic matter, liquids, food, biogas, animal food, diesel, etc. Labtro Digital Photo Colorimeters is a microprocessor and has a high testing capacity. They are reliable and rust proof GMI Technology, and considering the users' ease at experience, it has a tabletop design for laboratories and fields. This Digital photo colorimeter is also user friendly and can be easily operated.