Clean Air Product

clean air equipment manufacturer

Labtronixed INC offers a high-quality cleanroom systems that are modular and can be used for a wide range of applications, those are in the semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical and also in the industry of aerospace and military. The clean room air showers are used in the entrance of different types of laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and animal facilities before their entry so that the person before entering office staff goes into a clean environment.

The wet Bench is an instrument that helps in lowering the exhaustion blower to give a mean for removing the toxic fumes. Labtro Polypropylene Fume Hood is used for high acid and for tracing the metal analysis use. It helps in making the interior and exterior corrosion resistant and can be easily used for operation and maintenance. The tissue culture rack frame manufactured at Labtro is made up of Mild or stainless steel pipe that is powder coated and does not have any flickering effect.

The Chemical Fume Hood is an instrument used for ensuring user safety by not exposing them to many hazardous and dangerous fumes. Other than these, the other contents of Clean Air equipment, the fume extractor, ductless and walk in fume hood, and biosafety cabinet also comes under this category.