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Labtronixed Inc has made its name among the most superior autoclave manufacturers in India. We have successfully expanded our services in different fields like that of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, Research laboratories, Operation Theatre, Healthcare and Educational sectors, and many more. We are a team of professionals and have been working in this field for decades now. We hold top-tier experience in equipment manufacturing and look forward to tracking science for enhancing your life and the environment where you reside in.

Labtronixed Inc started in the year 1995 and has been serving different industries and markets by supplying the most noted industrial products created by mixing, freezing, cooling, sterilizing, cleaning, etc. We have extended our service all around the globe and have gained a satisfied and successful customer base in several countries- Sri Lanka, Kuwait, USA, Germany, Bhutan, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, West Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Iraq, Nepal, Nigeria and so many more. We do not stop here! We are confident with our products, that are extremely high in quality and are looking forward to extending our service in every part of the world.

LABTRO comprises both the vertical laboratory autoclaves and the Horizontal Autoclave designs. The vertical autoclaves come in the shape of cylinders and are widely used in microbiology laboratories, OT, generally, in the hospital; whereas the horizontal laboratory autoclaves come in two different shapes, those are cylinders and rectangles. This type of autoclave is popularly used for the purpose of research in laboratories, for harnessing and cleaning waste, etc. Our laboratory equipment is made from the best quality materials, is affordable, and is tried and tested. Therefore, the manufactured equipment at Labtro is 100% safe to use.

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We are a well-known manufacturing unit and only use technologies that are latest, innovative, and do your work perfectly. Our tested products come with a safety layer, security, and locking system, and are double-checked before sold out to you so that our users get nothing but the best customer experience at Labtronixed Inc. Our manufactured products include Freezing & cooling instruments, Deep Freezer  Water Testing Equipments, Water Distillation Plants, Water Baths, Vertical Autoclaves, Horizontal Autoclaves, Tabletop autoclaves, Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Incubator, Laboratory Instruments, Multi-Room Incubator, and many more. All these machines expert made, high in quality and we charge a very low price for our pieces of equipment just so that our customers can get the best experience.

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