Laboratory Incubator

An incubator is an instrument used for the growing and the maintenance of microbiological cultures used for maintaining optimal temperature, humidity, and other temperature conditions of the atmosphere. Labtronixed Inc manufactured CO2 Incubators hold capacities ranging from 80 liters to 250 liters or even more depending on the customer. The CO2 Incubator Air jacketed systems are used for immunology, genetics, and biological development. Hybridization Incubator has three types namely, the Hybridization Bottle, Additional Carrier for Bottles, and the Rockers Platform at the base. Laboratory Oven Cum Incubator Forced is an instrument that proffers good mixing, and dispersion and maintains a uniformity in high temperatures. It is mostly used in microbiology, cell cultivation experiences of plants and animals, and in food industries.

Labtro Dry bath incubators, also known as dry block heaters, is used in the laboratory for the denaturing of DNA, testing for milk residue, and for the incubation of DNA specimens. They are mostly used in the laboratory of molecular biology, and environmental laboratories. Labtro Yogurt Incubator is known for its milk processing equipment in the finest quality. It is used prominently for food processing and in the dairy industries. BOD Incubator or the Biological Oxygen Demand incubator is used in laboratories of microbiology, research institutes, and in hospitals for fungal growth, BOD testing, fermentation, physiology, and different medical tests, etc.

Humidity Incubator is used in the microorganism activation, cell culture, storage, etc. This Bacteriological Incubator is used for bacterial culture growth. They are embedded with the heating temperature, and a convection system for good mixing, and dispersion Dry Bath Incubator, which is also known as the dry block heaters, is widely used in laboratories, and it plays an important role in incubation, cultures, and enzyme reactions.