orbital shaker and Incubator shaker

Labtronixed INC is popularly known for its best quality shakers and incubators. Labtro's floor Standing Shaking Incubator is used in different fields of research, universities, pharmaceuticals, etc. They are versatile in use and have an ergonomic design. It provides you longevity and is low on maintenance; All you need to provide us with is the technical specifications, that is, the platform size, capacity of the flask, speed range, etc, and we will customize your rotary flask shakers for your personal need. Labtro shaking water bath platform rotary shaker systems, as said by the pharmaceuticals industry experts do high performance in rotation, mixing and are durable.

Labtro manufactures a dual incubator shaker that is high in performance, comes with an embedded orbital shaker that offers frequent temperature conditions. This incubator shaker helps in the mixing of liquid, washing bottles, and in different shaking applications that need high temperature control.

The Rotary Shakers is used for mixing chemicals, solvents, cultures, and assays in Microbiological, Cell Culture, and Life Science laboratories. It comes with a pre programming facility and a great speed of digital display; then comes the Labtro's Blood Tube Rotator that is used for catering to the Blood Vacutainer ETDA Tubes needs and the needs of ESR Tubes. It comes with a spilling tray and adjustable mixing angle.The other shakers are Tabletop and Benchtop orbital shakers, and horizontal shaking incubators.