Mortuary chamber

hospital mortuary chamber

Mortuary cabinets are the chambers or cabinets that are low in refrigerated temperature used for keeping dead bodies for a shorter or a longer period of time. The refrigerated storage cabinets for keeping and storing the dead body are widely used in hospitals, railways, and airports, and are a vital element to be kept in such factories. They are present in two forms. that is in single or multi door format. These mortuary units are holding the experience and give a quality performance with creative solutions, and also during the quality and safety check.

Labtronixed Inc manufactures one of the are best chambers for storing the animal body in a helpful and hygienic way. They help in storing the dead products in the hospital, funeral parlor, postmortem department, etc. The Mortuary Chamber at Labtro is made of metal components that are free of corrosion so as to make it durable.