COVID-19 Products

sanitizer Products and solutions to help fight the spread of covid 19

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the most required equipment in different industries, hospitals, malls, schools, every general medical store, house, office, etc, has been the Covid-19 safety products. Other than just the availability of the products, what is more, important is the quality and that the products do their work right. Some of the most commonly used safety equipment for individuals and the equipment used in larger areas like malls and hospitals are manufactured by us with the best quality materials.

We manufacture automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, which works like the automatic handwashes you must have noticed in malls, body packing bags for adults, CPE shoe cover, and the non woven disposable cap that can be used to cover your hair and feet or shoes and thrown away from time to time. Then we make an entire body disposable coverall to give you allover protection; disposable medical gown, hand sanitizers, safety face mask, plastic face shield mask, non woven disposable face mask, portable emergency ventilator, powder free vinyl gloves, and so many more.