binocular and trinocular microscope

There are three types of microscope at the Labtro, namely the trinocular gem microscope, binocular microscope, and monocular microscope. Labtro Monocular Microscope helps in providing the educators with a great performance and great accuracy, it has an economical design.

The microscopes are the best choice for their use in Colleges, universities, middle and high schools, technical institutes, and schools. The LED illumination system of microscopes gives bright, and illumination even lights in both cords. Micro rechargeable LED illumination is used for Electrical microscopes. It helps in the production of images with great clarify and texture that can be rotatable 45°and 360°. The microscopes have an embedded carry hangle and cord hangers. Its Focusing System has both rough and fine focusing controls and has coarse and tension adjustment.