Ice Flake

Ice Flaking & Ice Cube Machine

Ice cube machines and ice flaker machines are the two types of machines that come under the Ice Flake Freezing instruments. The Ice Cube machine is widely used in different types of retail and wholesale food industries, large chain supermarkets, chemical industries, aquatic products, water conservancies, power plants, health care sectors, large area public projects, cooling, and many more.

Its special features are continuous production of Ice Flaker output, free CFC refrigerant, it is simple to install, has built in caster wheels for enhanced mobility, high energy storage, a noiseless performance, and all these facilities are just the right one that you need for your industry too. The latter one, which is the ice flaker machine is used are mostly used in labs, industries, and universities across the world.

The material standard they used is of international quality standard and the manufacturing tools and technologies are the advanced and the latest ones. Our ice flakers machine comes with an attached warranty and is also very low in pricing. It is a fully automated and safe machine and comes with an open-ended serpentine coil and an evaporative condenser.