Laboratory Ovens

laboratory oven manufacturers

The hot air ovens designed and manufactured at Labtronixed INC is vastly used in laboratories for performing the aging effect on different physical properties made up of Stainless steel or mild steel etc, the air convection ovens are also used in strong drying and baking applications in different laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical industries, etc. The Gravity Convection Ovens are only designed for handling materials that have lightweight materials like powder, fabrics, granular materials, etc.

Vacuum oven, is used in the drying of samples without oxidation or any residue, it can be the best choice if you are drying without atmosphere or any inert atmosphere gases, like Argon, and Nitrogen. Labtro Tray dryer oven is majorly used in laboratories, pharmaceutical, food industries, chemical industries, and automobile industries for removing the moisture from the final product, here, the sample is put in a tray, given in trolley, and then dried up by the heated chamber under different temperatures - 100°C, 160°C, 250°C 300°C, etc. LABTRO walk-in/truck-in ovens provide high temperatures for big processes, like aging, bonding, drying, end baking, and stress relieving. LABTRO Industrial Drying oven is is a low budget solution manufactured for its utilization in various drying needs in big and small industries.

The Double Walled Oven Universal is designed at Labtro for applications and use in microbiology, Hospitals, Laboratories, industries, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, Agricultural, Research, etc, for the purpose of heating, drying, baking, performing material tests, running complex experiments, hardening the plastic resin, etc.