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One of the freezing equipment is the lab refrigerator under which comes seven manufactured industrial products and tools. Labtro's Blood Bank Refrigerators is designed with the best and newest refrigeration technologies for providing safe storage of whole blood, umbilical cord blood, and red blood cells. Then comes the Deep Freezers, Ultra deep freezer, chest freezer, and freezer which are known as one of the most important lab instruments in different research centers, hospitals, clinics, Biotechnology, Medicine, pharmaceuticals, and also Industrial Applications.

The application of Labtronixed INC's solar Medical refrigerator uses trapped solar energy for converting the power to freeze the refrigerator. Medical electronic refrigerators are designed or the storage of materials in hospitals and clinics, mostly for the safe storage of vaccines. The Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer is an application used in a multiuser centralized laboratory. The drying process of s large-scale production units is handled efficiently by the Pilot scale freezer dryer mostly in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Lastly, comes the laboratory freer dryer which is also widely used in different industries.