Ultrasonic Bath

ultrasonic machine manufacturer

Ultrasonic Bath has two products for their customers, those are- Probe Ultrasonic and Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner. The Probe Ultrasonic manufactured at the Labtronixed INC is has the feature of sound proof enclosure that is used in many different fields, starting from the Research Centers or Laboratories, Universities, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical centers for research, Hospitals and diagnostics, Agriculture, Pharmacology, Genetics, Biotechnology, to Microbiology, Botany, Zoology and many more. Other than its best feature of sound proofing, its other features are a digital LCD display, controller and indicator of temperature, auto tuning, automatic frequency chase, power output control, and all these extensive features will give you the best experience in the industry.

The ultrasonic bath cleaners are manufactured for the purpose of quick and uniform ultrasonic cleaning of different industrial and machine parts like that of pharmaceutical instruments, electronic parts, etc. The stainless steel used for making this product tool is of such good quality that there will be no requirement of maintenance for years.