Water Bath

Laboratory water bath

A water bath is a piece of widely used equipment in laboratories for the incubation of samples with a consistent temperature for a long time. The water bath is a heating source and is mostly preferred for the heating of flammable chemicals, and excludes open flame for preventing ignition. Labtro Multi Chamber Water Bath is used in the fields of Biotechnology, Environmental, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial Applications. The serological water bath manufactured at Labtronixed is an instrument that ranges in different models depending on the chamber volume, that is 14, 18, 25 and 32 liters. LABTRONIXED INC is a leading manufacturer of Malt Mashing bath instruments that is mostly used in breweries laboratories and in malt companies.
They are mostly used in the beer industry and in Research Institute. Labtronixed Inc manufactured Refrigerated Circulating Water Bath cleans the instrument parts in Industries, Hospitals, Dental, Labs, etc. Labtro Boiling Water Baths is one of the vital Instruments for the purpose of Laboratory Operation