U Drill and Core Drill


‘U’ Drill and Core Drill  Indexable 'U' Drill

Labtro Core drill is a hollow, Vertical , cylindrical drill that is used to Labtro holes through a surface . It is made of metal, and the drill tips are usually coated with either diamond or carbide. ... The center of the drill is hollow, allowing it to carve out a sample from the drilled material.

  • Indexable 'U' Drills Range ø14 To ø69
    L x D 1 To 5
  • Internal Coolant Supply

Materials used to make drill bits:

  • Carbon Steel -
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) -
  • Cobalt Steel -
  • Tool Steel w/ Carbide Tips -
  • Solid Carbide –

Step Drills Dia 0.8mm to Dia.32mm(in the increments of 0.1mm)

Special Made to order Drills and Endmills Dia.0.1mm to Dia. 32mm(in the increaments of 0.1mm) Form tools and Special Inserts 

As per customer application and drawings

  • Manufacturing Helical Flute for Smooth Chip Flow
  • As Per Customer Requirement Manufacturing in Straight Flute

Anatomy of a drill bit:

Anatomy Of A Drill Bit

  • Split Drill Point: This is an advanced drill point that prevents walking and provides improved penetration with less effort. Available in 118 or 135 degree angles, split point drill bits are better for drilling in curved surfaces or in alloy steels. They are more expensive and more difficult to re-sharpen than standard drill points.
  • Brad Point DrillBrad Point: Designed for creating blind holes in wood and other soft materials for shelf pins, dowels, etc. Bradpoints are also used for thru-holes in CNC applications where a conventional drill point would penetrate the table below the panel. Bradpoints have spurs on the outer edges to prevent splintering and chipping of the surface material as well as a center spur to prevent walking as the bit penetrates the surface.

U Drills

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, Exporter of range of quality U drills. These include Indexable Type U Drills and U Drill with Chamfer, which are perfect for all types of inserts. Manufactured using Alloy steel, carbide rod of high quality standard complied CE/ISO/GMP these are appreciated by the clients for the features of precision engineered, optimum tapping capacity, appropriate diameter and high strength.

Indexable Special 'U' Drill

  • Indexable 'U' Drill Cum Boring
  • Indexable 'U' Drill Cum Chamfer
  • Indexable 'U' Drill Cum Counter





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