Gel Documentation System


Our Labtro Gel Doc, also known as a Gel Documentation System, gel image system or gel imager, is equipment widely used in pharmaceutical industries biochemical dept. laboratories for the imaging and documentation of nucleic acid and protein suspended within polyacrylamide or agarose gels. UV exposure products, a CCD high profile camera for image capturing.

Labtro Gel Documents  optics coupled to a high profile  control  quality camera, the gel documentation system, is a high performance and reliable fluorescent and UV colorimetric bio-imaging system.

Labtro gel documentation design camera 18 megapixel digital camera, the camera connects to a PC through a USB and can be controlled from the PC. Ultra violet  safety cabinet   switch and a roll-out transilluminator. A choice of illumination options with Advance UV trans/epi controlled,
LEDs and more, adds to the versatility of the system.

Ultraviolet transillumination 312nm, 365nm or 254nm ranges. Filter size of transilluminator is 18-20×18-20 cm gel size, we also offer a 26x26cm filter transilluminator. Epi-white light illumination from above is standard. Optionally, ultraviolet epi-illumination in a variety of wavelengths can also be provided.

The dark room cabinet has features for safety switch that switches off the UV lights  and fluorescent   as soon as the door is open. A timer is attached to the transilluminator, which auto switches off UV light in case the user forgets to switch it off. This increases the life of the UV lamps. This gel doc system is perfect for diagnostic labs, biotech start-ups, for HLA-typing facilities, DNA and protein research and academic labs.

Gel Documentation System works


  • Low Noise CMOS imaging sensor
  • 8-bit and 14-bit options
  • 18 megapixel cameras
  • Excellent dynamic range
  • 3.0 orders of magnitude, 58 dB
  • Superior signal-to-noise
  • Sharp Zoom lens
  • Motorized auto-focus
  • Motorized aperture setting
  • Manual zoom range 3x
  • Exposure from 0.00025s onwards
  • Single/Dual 312nm/365nm/254nm UV
  • RGB LEDs and convertor screens
  • Operate camera via PC
  • Timer for auto-off of UV
  • Advanced Gel Analysis Software


  • Options for filter holders
  • Standard is manual 3-position filter holder
  • Advanced models with 7-position motorized filter holder available
  • Orange 590 EtBr and clear are standard
  • Choice of filters available for these stains:
  • Orange 590: Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), SYPRO Ruby, ProQ Diamond, Deep Purple, etc
  • Green 520: SYBR Green I, Green II, SYBR Gold, GFP, Fluorescein, FITC
  • Orange 560: SYBR Safe, Rhodamine, Cy3, etc
  • Red 630: SYPRO Red, Texas Red, etc
  • Blue 480: Hoechst, Coumarin, etc
  • Clear: Coomassie Blue, Silver etc





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