Sliding Door Autoclave


Fully Automatic Microprocessor based Sliding Door High pressure, high vacuum autoclave is designed to fulfill the needs of CS.S.D. unit & various other microbiology works. Labtro Sliding Door High Pressure Autoclave (sterilizer) is designed for sterilizing hospital materials including agars, sterilization of solutions in open & closed bottles Industries, Hospitals Pharma & Chemical Industries to properly manage the quality of life and developing sustainable fitness by generating vaccines and Inoculation, disinfection of materials and waste decontamination.

Autoclaves are used in research institutes in research and chemical laboratories, Glassware and Media, in hospitals and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, and aquaculture industry for sterilization in large numbers. The autoclaves at Labtro are designed ergonomically for customer use. The autoclaves manufactured at Labtronixed INC are Front Loading, Biomedical Waste, horizontal sliding, sterilizer ethylene, high pressure rectangular, Laboratory cement, semi-automatic, double door, wing nut, portable vertical, and vertical and horizontal autoclaves.

Our Hospital Medical Autoclaves Deactivate Biomedical waste, Aphis all living micro-organisms organisms, especially a bacterium, virus, or fungus, Micro organism Viruses, Bacteria, effectively by using pressurized saturated steam controlled through microprocessor Based dedicated sterilization cycles in the Double Door Autoclaves. 

  • Double Door for sterilization
  • Dry and wet sterilization
  • PID Controls
  • Graphic & Logs
  • Radial Lock
  • On Line Printer

Safety & Ergonomic Features:

  • Built in water saving system ensures water conservation
  • Safety curtain at the time of automatic door closing to prevent any injury
  • User programmable menu linked to dedicated microprocessor
  • Cycle Interrupt feature allows the user to interrupt the cycle & to unload the material
  • Independent pressure safety valves for chamber& jacket
  • Built in pressure safety cut off electrical switch for jacket/boiler
  • Safety Emergency stop in case of mal function
  • Over temperature safety cut out the heater

Fully Automatic Microprocessor Control:

Labtro Sliding Door Autoclave is linked to a microprocessor controller that monitors all the parameters in real time. The microprocessor control is linked to a bright color touch screen HMI to display & set all the parameters. The menu consists of 8 pre programmed standard cycles, which the operator can run at a touch of a button. Separate five user programmable cycles are also provided. The operator can edit & run any of these five cycles. Built in provision of chip card port for loading new programs through chip cards.

  • Touch Screen
  • Digital Temperature
  • Digital Timer
  • Pressure control
  • Dry wet cycles
  • Alarm


Autoclaves door is also made of SS 316 or 304 grade & is duly insulated with 50mm thick glass wool insulation to ensure that the working temperature of door is 4200C. The fully automatic single vertical sliding door provides quick operation pass through system with latest multiple safety arrangements. Electrically operated door is linked to a silicone seal to provide perfect seal.

  • Triple walled
  • Microprocessor Based Controls
  • Steam Generator 304/316 grade
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Solenoid valves
  • Automatic water cut off device
  • Trolley, carriage, Trays
  • Digital Temperature, Time, Controls
  • Pressure controls.









180 LTR         

300 LTR         

450 LTR         

810 LTR         

1550 LTR   



Technical Matrix For


Temperature range

115ºC-121ºC, 135ºC , 150ºC  


2 trays (depend on the model)

Temperature Sensor

PT 100

Inner chamber

Stainless Steel Sheet (SS-304, 316)

Outer chamber

Stainless Steel Sheet (SS-316, 316)

Temperature Controller

Microprocessor Based Programmable Controller

Heat Load

6 KW/ 9KW/ 9KW/ 9KW

Nominal Voltage

220-230 Volts, 50Hz Single Phase








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