Digital Photo Colorimeter


Labtro Digital Photo Colorimeters are microprocessor based and combine ease of use with high testing capability. Labtro Digital  photo colorimeter systems are reliable and rust proof GMI Technology, compact and table top design keeping in mind the users' experience in laboratory and field. Labtro Digital photo colorimeter silent feature is user friendly features and very easy of operation of digital colorimeter.

Quality Standards:-  Labtro Digital Bomb colorimeter complies with all relevant worldwide safety marks and standards. We take pride in the fact that all stages of development.

  • ISO / CE / GMP.
  • Electrical Safety conforms to standards for electrical safety.
  • European CE approved product.

Compliant to ISO 13485: quality system-Medical devices-particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001 applicable to manufactures and service providers that performs their own design activities

Labtro photo colorimeter filter design according . Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of ml sample with Digital Microprocessor based Digital display latest IEC technology makes the instruments highly rugged. A minimum sample volume of 1ml is used. In-built shutter increases the life of the photocell. Our are widely used in Electronic

 Industry for Delicate Parts Hospitals Medical Facilities, Dental Office & Laboratories, Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering Industries, Research Centers , Universities, Gravimetric analysis , Sintering, Quantitative analysis.



Model No



Photo Diode

Lifetime Of Bulb


Mini Volume

1 ml



Power Source

12 V Adaptor





  • Bomb body is machined from corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy
  • Each bomb is tested at a pressure of 300 atm for 10 minutes
  • Offset stirrer precludes heat from motor to Calorimeter Vessel
  • No temperature correction
  • Detection of maximum rise of temperature
  • Windows based software
  • Temperature resolution: ± 0.0010 C
  • Memory Storage: 100 data
  • Battery backup for stirrer and Microprocessor unit (UPS)
  • RS 232C interface to connect with computer
  • Soft touch keypad
  • Auto firing (With software only)
  • LCD display with backlit 16 x 2 characters
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Automatic feeding of Calorific values of ignition wire and cotton thread
  • Automatic firing in the bomb
  • Automatic detection of maximum rise of temperature
  • Automatic calculation of Heat Capacity of Bomb Calorimeter (Equivalent Value)
  • Automatic calculation of Calorific Value of samples
  • Automatic saving of Heat Capacity of Bomb Calorimeter and Calorific Values in summary format
  • Automatic delivery of result data in report format
  • Temperature Indication: 3.5 Digit digital display
  • Differential Temperature range: 0 - 100 
  • Reading Resolution of temperature: 0.001° C
  • Firing Voltage for Bomb: 12 VAC
  • LED Indication for filament continuity
  • LED Indication for Bomb Combustion




Combustion Bomb

Cotton Reel

Calorimeter Vessel

Stand for Bomb Lid

Combined Lid

Hook for lifting Bomb


Crucible – 2 nos.

Connecting Leads

Gelatine Capsules – 50 nos.

Connecting tube for Oxygen Cylinder

Gas Release Valve

Adjustable Spanner

O – Rings for Bomb and Stirrer

Nichrome Ignition Wire (20 M. 36 SWG)

Valve for Bomb

Valve Key

Pellet Press

Benzoic Acid – 10 Tablets

Instruction Manual

Insulated Calorimeter Jacket

Battery Backup (UPS)

Leads to connect Microprocessor unit to PC

Computer with Printer (Optional)

Platinum Wire (Optional)

Semi Auto Gas Filling Device (Optional)

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