Double Beam UV Vis Spectrophotometer


Salient Features

  • The two detectors are used to measure sample and reference respectively and simultaneously for optimizing measurement accuracy
  • Lamp selection enables conserving the life of D2 and Tungsten lamps. Real time clock for date and time stamping of result.
  • Light Path Design: Double Beam LUDBS-1900 Double light design can prevent circuit fluctuation and stray light to ensure stability of the instrument.
  • Long path Light design LUDBS-1900 unique 520mm long light path design greatly improved resolution and the bandwidth can reach 0.5nm.
  • 16mm optical base LUDBS-1900 series use a rigid 16mm diecast aluminum base as their optical mount to ensure the stability and reliability.
  • 6 inches LCD display LUDBS-1900 series have a 6 inches LCD display to show result and curves directly on the screen.
  • Software functions (optional) Multi functions operated directly on the spectrophotometer and display the test results curve and data: wavelength scanning , standard curve, kinetics, multi wavelength scanning, DNA/protein test
  • Perfect calibration system All base line,wave length, dark current can be calibrated automatically to keep good running conditions.
  • Data output LUDBS-1900 series are equipped with USB port to connect with a PC (software optional ) comes standard with the instrument.

Functions of Software

Wait time and measurement time up to 12 hours may be entered with time intervals of 0.5,1,2,5,10,30 seconds and one min. Post run manipulation includes re-scaling, curve tracking and selection of the part of the curve required algorithm before multiplying by entered factor.

DNA/Protein Test

  • Labtro Spectrophotometer RNA and DNA purity are quickly and easily operated:
  • Absorbance ration s 260nm/250nm with optional subtracted absorbance at 320mm.
  • DNA concentration= 62.9xA260-36.0xA280
  • Protein concentration =1552xA260-757.3xA280


Has following functions.

WL Reset, Printer, Lamp, Clock, Dark current, Accu.





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