Plant growth chamber


Plant Growth chambers are designed by Labtronixed Inc, These chambers are useful for all type of plant related researches, which includes genetic, research, plant breeding, nutrition photosynthesis and all other aspects of plant physiology, pathology, entomology etc.

Plant Growth chamber are special type of environmental test chamber which are designed to perform plant growth experiment inside laboratories. The aim of pant growth chamber is to create such atmospheric conditions responsible for effecting plant germination and growth.   

A plant growth chamber provides a controlled environmental in which plants can exist. These chambers make it possible to measure the effects of various environmental character is this such as light, temperature, humidity and other atmospheres conditions on  plant growth and function.

Plant   growth chamber having downward and upward ventilation   is accessible. Air diffusers also at the based of the chamber wall allow downward and air flow is handling plenums maintain a consistent and uniform temperature throughout the plant canopy.

Plant growth chambers which a downward airflow are particularly appropriate for trays and potted plant upward airflow was controlled by tapered air handling plenum in the chamber floor. A consist atmosphere is ensured by a steady composition of air volumes and velocities.


Feature of Plant Growth Chamber

Heated as glass doors

Control via touch screen

Observation windows

Humidity control

Co2 enhancement

Extra illumination

Spray nozzle modules

Condensing with air cooling

Adjustable lighting

Cabinets and shelving

Remote controlled wondering

Dry Alarms

Extended temperature ranges  

Accuracy of temperature, humidity & light

Excellent temperature stability

Automatic microprocessor controls

Printer and temperature chart recorder

High and low limit temperature protection

User programmable alarm settings Provision to connect with PC
Interlocked insulated panels High quality fluorescent lamps


Types of Plant Growth Chambers: The majority of plant growth chamber are made of from steel with a white inset finish.  Reach in and walk-in are two most common models in many scientific application reach in plant growing chamber have been used plant pathology, farm management biotechnology study, seeding growth are all possible with them.

Temperature and Humidity: - The temperature range is 5°C to 60°C and humidity range is 50% to 90%: These parameters are controlled through imparted PID controller which features excellent accusing and uniformity with PT 100 Temperature and capacitive humidity sensors.


Technical specification

Temperature range

Light off : 5°C to 60°C,

Light on :10°C to 60°C,

0°C to 60°C(Optional)

Temperature controller

Digital PID controller with SV & PV values

Temperature accuracy


Humidity range

50% to 90 %

Humidity accuracy



3 side illumination with detachable LED

light (10000 Lux or 23000 Lux

Light timer

24x7 weekly digital timer

Air Circulation

forced air circulation through axial fans


Double walled


Power Coated sheet (SS optional )


Made of stainless steel 304 with silicon gaket

Outer door

Insulated solid door, magnetic gasket with lock and key


Stainless steel or chrome painted (adjustable shelves.)


Tubular air heater


Emerson Copeland or brand compressor CFC free

Humidity system

SS boiler tank with immersion heater and automatic water replenishment by external tank


- Audio / Visual alarm for temperature deviation.

- Leakage breaker for power supply

- Over current protector

- Overheat protector

- Water - Level Monitoring Auto Control System


- Color touch screen controller for Humidity & Temperature

- RS 232 port

- Printer

- Chart recorder

- Caster wheels

- Extra shelves

- DQ, OQ, PQ & IQ Certificates




Dimension (mm)

Volume (Liter)


800 x 500 x 380

150 L


550 x 450 x 1000

250 L


550 x 550 x 1200

350 L


800 x 600 x 1250

600 L


1120 x 600 x 1200

800 L


1150 x 670 x 1300

1000 L






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