Laboratory Autoclave sterilizer

Horizontal Autoclaves designed by Labtronixed INC are an assured smart investment for hospitals and research and chemical laboratories. Autoclaves are used for steam under pressure to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores on items that are placed inside a pressure vessel. The autoclaves at Labtro are designed ergonomically for customer use. The autoclaves manufactured at Labtronixed INC are Front Loading, Biomedical Waste, horizontal sliding, sterilizer ethylene, High Pressure Rectangular Autoclave , Laboratory cement, semi automatic, double door, wing nut, portable autoclave, and vertical autoclave and horizontal autoclaves.

Labtronixed Inc is known for its well functioning range of horizontal Rectangular autoclaves. The horizontal autoclaves have a design that is front loading in two shapes, is cylindrical and rectangular of both small and big sizes. The high pressure Horizontal autoclaves are used in the process of sterilization in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biotech industries, research centers, industries, biopharma and microbiology labs, etc. We hold 26 Years of Experience in manufacturing both the cylindrical and rectangular horizontal autoclave and have served many. Before letting the products be exported and supplied to the customer, our horizontal autoclaves are tested for leakage, temperature and power control, safety, and other vital parts of the machine.

Labtro's Vertical autoclave known as the steam sterilizers and also the top loading sterilizers are machines in the shape of cylinders. It is used in the sterilization of medical equipment, Operation theater, research laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and food laboratories. Double Wall Construction, Triple Wall, and GMP construction are the three types of autoclaves designs. Vertical autoclave easily understandable for opening, a mechanism is fitted on the lid top, there is a foot lever attached below. The user presses the pedal and lifts the lid. Our Vertical autoclave units manufactured at Labtronixed Inc comes in 22 liters to 175 liters and enhances the utilization of space.