Refrigerated Microspin Centrifuge


High speed refrigerated micro spin centrifuge is a type of separator which is used on ship to remove contamination from liquids, DNA , RNA separation such as fuel and lube oils. Labtro refrigerated centrifuge treatment in order to remove solid impurities and water before they are supplied to the marine engine. Our centrifuge is to remove contamination from liquid and to remove undesirable liquid.

Labtro centrifuges comply with all relevant worldwide safety marks and standards. We take pride in the fact that all stages of development. ISO / CE / GMP.

  • OPERATION All Labtro centrifuges feature Run-Silent™ Operation, meaning even our largest centrifuge is as soft as normal conversation when in operation.
  • Speed control :- Labtro Microprocessor Based Refrigerated Centrifuge Variable Frequency drive.
  • Type of Motor Drive:- imported asynchronous type.
  • Power Speed setting low power consumption :-200w
  • Speed Setting / Display Digital 0 to 18000 RPM
  • Speed Accuracy: - 100 RPM or Better.
  • Acceleration and declaration: - variable 6 steps.
  • Temperature display setting: Digital 0 degree to 40 degree or Better.
  • Temperature Control Accuracy +1 Degree.
  • Lowest Temp. Attainable at maximum speed: - 4Degree (at ambient less than 30 Degree.)
  • Power requirement :- 240 volts +10% 50Hz
  • Total power consumption: 1010 watt





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