Benchtop Bioreactor Fermenter


Labtro table top laboratory bioreactor fermentor compact design with microprocessor based controlled are both designed to control your stirred-tank glass or single-use vessels. Our Labtro Benchtop Bioreactor used for animal, plant and insect cell cultivation as well as for microbial fermentation.

Labtro presents a wide range of bioreactor fermentor  autoclavable and unmoved laboratory Bioreactors and Fermentors designed for performance and simple use.
Labtro Bioreactor Fermentor is microprocessor based programmable technology we offer fermentors and bioreactors that use multi-loop process control techniques to maximize yields in cell-culture and fermentation. Labtro  fermentors and bioreactors are advance technology GMI- Design programmable. Labtro Bioreactor fermentor calibrated pH sensor are sourced from reputed and reliable manufacturers etc. Labtro Bioreactor Fermentor controller system for these fermentors and bioreactors that works effectively and is extremely reliable.

Labtro Bioreactor fermentor Autoclaveble glass and in-situ sterilizable pharma laboratory fermentors our bioreactors are controlled digital PID control algorithm. The temperature control range is from room temperature plus 3C to 60C., temperature can be controlled from 5C to 65C. It has a stirrer agitation speed range from 100 to 1150 rpm and it can be used for anaerobic micro-organism or aerobic microorganism fermentation process.

We offer Benchtop Bioreactor Fermenter. Labtronixed Inc manufacture design by Labtronixed Inc. Labtronixed Inc Fermenter offer glass vessel (jacketed), glass vessel with S. S. Jacketed, complete S. S. Vessel autoclavable or insitu (in place sterilization) controlled parameter such – agitation, aeration, ph, temp, antifoam, DO, Total Bio Mass and any special parameter can also possible. Labtronixed Inc Fermenter are PLC based controller with touch screen module attached with PC, can operated by software & data as per 21 CFR part 11.

Bioreactor fermentor is used for different application.

  • Microbial Culture: Bacterial, Yeast and Fungi culture.
  • Cell Culture: Plant, Animal and Insect culture.


  • 2 ltrs working and 2.5 ltrs total volume
  • 3.5 ltrs working and 4 ltrs total volume
  • 5 ltrs working and 7 ltrs total volume
  • 7 ltrs working and 10 ltrs total volume.


  • controlled parameter such – agitation, aeration, ph, temp, antifoam, DO2, Total Bio Mass
  • Labtro Fermenter are PLC based controller with touch screen module
  • Operated by software & data as per 21 CFR part 11





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