Cell Culture Bioreactor fermentor


Labtro Cell Culture Bioreactor integrates the highest diversity of available pH , Conductivity sensor, control, analysis and peripheral technologies via its unreached modular construction within just one single case with central operation terminal: Labtro cell culture Autoclavable Fermentor  in microorganism lab & Cell Culture Lab. It’s an ideal instrument for exact fermentation experimentation.

Cell Culture Fermenters/Bioreactors available in a range of volumes from 30 up to 200 litres with a wide range of options and accessories. our cell Culture Bioreactor Fermentor is design by Labtronixed Inc. our controller is microprocessor-based control system with alarm features, safety features, sensor.

Gas Mixing

Various controller and hardware configurations modify aeration ways victimization air, oxygen, atomic number 7 or a combination of those to complement the air. The mass-flow managementler permits the precise flow control of individual gases. The versatile aeration choices integrated within the bioreactor allow a good vary of various application giving to the present system a considerable skillfulness.

  • Thermal Mass Flow Controller in entry model
  • Gas compounding through TMFC+ coil valves or numbers of TMFC
  • Automatic gas compounding algorithms for simplified controls (4-gas, 3-gas, O2 enrichment, N2 enrichment)
  • Toro, fluted and forge spargers
  • Pump selection by controller
  • Bioreactor fermentor balance connection
  • Integrated exhaust analysis
  • contamination free construction bioreactor fermentor.
  • 232 interface card
  • Integrated gas mix module thermal mass flow controller. Transfer gas by flow control.
  • Integration of arbitrary external analytics.
  • dual mechanical seal stage  shaft with steam condensate
  • Jacketed pressure vessel made of stainless steel with standard ports
  • SCADA 21 CFR Compliance for Data Recording Purpose during Fermentation. Integration into SCADA-systems.
  • Bioreactor Agitation, stirrer Aeration, Temperature control , pH range 0-14, O2, total Bio Mass control  and CO2, pressure and level as an option.





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