Insect growth chamber


LABTRO Insect Growth Chamber provides precise control of a wide range of environmental climate conditions for propagation and study of insects. These Machines are designed by Labtronixed Inc. The low profile, side mounted lighting system allows full utilization of the chamber interior and complete access to the sliding shelves is an added design feature of our Entomological Test Chamber by Labtronixed Inc. Combines state of the art technology with a highly efficient design to provide a reliable solution to the insect rearing problems and other entomological research studies, Entomological research especially designed for studying drosophila, Insect rearing Applications, Developmental Biology, Biological/Biotechnology Research.

Convection-heated and cooled double-walled chambers are used for growing insects. Our environmental chambers' exterior is made of thick PCRC, corrosion-resistant GI sheet that has been well primed and rust-proofed before being painted with either tasteful powder coating or durable stove enamel. Heavy gauge, SS-304 grade stainless steel sheet makes up the inner chamber. Our chambers are equipped with optimal thermal efficiency thanks to the high-grade mineral glass wool that fills the space between the walls.

Insect growth chambers, also known as insect rearing chambers, are specialized laboratory spaces designed to cultivate insects under ideal circumstances for use in studies like Drosophila or mosquito research. In order to ensure total sanitation in between experiments and avoid cross-contamination, insect growing chambers frequently include sterilization options. Insect rearing chambers are an essential part of any laboratory conducting research on insects, as they are widely utilized for entomology studies of diverse insects. Although they require frequent sanitation, insect growth chambers have a great service life since they are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum or stainless steel. For insect growth chambers, a large range of auxiliary attachments are available, including data loggers, extra storage, programmable lighting, and many more.

An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our photostability test chambers to enable studies at lower room temperatures. We use high end CFC free compressors of Kirloskar/Tecumseh / Bitzer/ Denfos make, conforming to latest international standards and guidelines.

Standard Features

  • Single Compartment / Dual compartment as require
  • Single door (front and back) Open right outside, 1st fully insulated, 2nd safety
  • Single door (two side) Open right outside, 1st fully insulated, 2nd safety anti-condensation tempered glass observation window
  • Anti-condensation tempered glass doors
  • HMI with LED touchscreen Optional 
  • Powder coated Steel exterior
  • Four caster wheels with levelling feet
  • Internal HVAC
  • Stainless Steel or White Coated interior
  • 75mm Insulation

Data Logging and Free Programming Software: Attached data logger with input program software provided by Labtronixed Inc. Through data logging software, HMI and PLC collect data through sensors, analyse the data and save and output the results of the collection and analysis. Examples of the types of information a data logging system can collect include temperatures, sound frequencies, vibrations, times, light intensities, electrical currents, pressure and changes in states of matter.

Technical Specification

Temperature Range

5°C to 70°C

Temperature Control


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Sensor


Humidity Range

20% to 95% ±3%

Humidity Control

±3% RH

Humidity Sensor



# of Shelves

3 Standard, 25 Maximum


Interior Construction

Type 304, 2B Finish, Solid Stainless Steel

Exterior Construction

Cold Rolled Steel, Powder Coated


220V, 50 Hz






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