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Application Seed Germinator Machine

Labtronixed Inc is manufacturing of Seed Germinator is a machine used for germination of different types of seeds in laboratories, research center. The seed Germinator machines are specifically designed growth chambers that create artificial environment using temperature, humidity and light responsible for germination of seeds. These chambers play important role in crop productions.

Labtro Seed Germination Chamber are designed for germination and development of seeds under different crucial environmental parameters like humidity, temperature and illumination with greater accuracy uniform and stronger seedlings.

Labtro Seed Growth Germinators have been carefully designed for leading out the process of seedling and the germination process in different laboratories. Equipment for seed growth and seed germination helps in providing a manageable environment for the addition of the seeds, incubation, seed development tests, etc. This equipment has been designed in such a way that it has full control of the light, temperature, and humidity that can be manually managed inside the equipment for creating necessary conditions that are customizing needed for the seed germination. The main principle of seed germination is to thoroughly observe the seed growth. The seeding led by Labtro Seed growth germinator is a quite helpful way of observing the number of seeds that are growing and successfully producing into a satisfactory crop. The processes of seed labeling, seed certification, and sowing are also led by this equipment.

LABTRO has set the standard of excellence by designing and manufacturing several lines of reliable Seed Germination Chamber in India and across globe. Our chambers provide the largest growth area with innovative designs. The Seed Germinator is corrosion resistant and appreciated among our clients for its fine finish and easy installation. Beside the research based seed germinator, we are also manufacturing very economical commercial grade seed germinators, which are commonly used as sprouters in various agro-based industries and tissue culture industries. The Chamber also known as Seed Germinator and Seed Growth Chamber.


  • Hot and cold cycles
  • Light & dark operations
  • Day light effects on flowering cycle
  • Removable shelves for easy loading
  • Custom cyclic process controls
  • Sturdy wheels afford mobility




Epoxy powder coated MS sheets


High grade SS 304 stainless steel

Temperature range

5°C to 60°C

Temperature sensitivity


Humidity range


Humidity sensitivity


Temperature sensor


Water reservoir

18 L

Water quality



Standard 3

Temperature controller

Solid State digital Controller/ PID optionalSolid State digital Controller/ PID optional


LED/LCD display

Display accuracy

0.5% full scale


RS 232/RS 422 port, Ethernet communications port

Nominal voltage

220-230V, 50 Hz, single phase

Power requirements






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