Stability Chamber


LABTRO Walk-in Stability Chambers are designed for precise simulating, monitoring & control of temperature and humidity conditions required for long term, intermediate & accelerated stability studies at pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical manufacturing facilities.

The stability chambers designed and manufactured at Labtronixed INC provide a controlled humidity and temperature for the testing environments. The stability chambers help in the offering of FDA and ICH compliance for stability testing compliance. An environment that is under control is necessary for the shelf life stability testing for products and packaging. The use of such shelf life testing is seen in the pharmaceutical industries, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, etc. Labtro Stability Chambers are made in such a way that it simulates, monitors, and takes control of the climatic conditions in the environment, that is, of the temperature and humidity. The designs are made modular, with double walled construction, which helps in easily gathering them together at the site. These chambers come in regular shapes and sizes but, if you need customization of your specific chamber needs, there can be a bespoke option available as per your requirements. The stability test chamber monitors the chamber performance with the help of an alarm that comes embedded in it. There is a chart recorder that keeps records of the data, and an access port that helps with the running of sensors from the monitoring system that already exists. There are air flows that have been conditioned in such a way that it balances out the air pressure with a uniform distribution in each of the trays, thus meeting all the stability testing standards.

LABTOR Walk-in stability chambers comprise essential testing equipment in analysing the effects imposed on biological or chemical samples by prolonged humidity and temperature, to fix their attributes and properties. Widely applied in pharmaceuticals, rubber, and plastic industries, stability chambers determine how extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures and differing relative humidity, affect the behaviour of components.


  • Maintains precise long term conditions
  • Complete solution for simulation of desired Temperature & humidity in the chamber
  • Standard size
  • Customizes designs
  • Superior performance
  • Temp. Range /Accu.: 20°C to 60°C /± 0.2°C
  • Temp Uniformity : ± 2°C
  • Humidity Range/Accu.: 40% to 95% RH /± 2%
  • Humidity Uniformity : ± 3% RH





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